Pest Manager Training Presentations

This page provides handouts for many of the presentations that we use in Pest Manager Trainings across Georgia. Attendees can look these over or print them for their use.

Our thanks to the authors and presenters who made these available! Click on the name of the presentation to get a pdf of that presentation.

We hope this is helpful to you! Willie Chance –

Africanized Bees

Educational Resources for Mosquito Control

Flea Basics – Mark Hunter

Insecticide MOA and Resistance Management

Insect Phobias

IPM for Southern Ants – Mark Hunter

Managing Pesticide Drift

Managing the Top 10 Landscape Weeds – Scott Wanzor

Mosquito Biology and Control – Dr Rosmarie Kelly

Mosquito Biology and Control – Willie Chance

Mosquito Control – Mark Hunter

Pesticides in the Environment

Pesticide Regulatory Update – GA Dept of Ag – Rick Hayes

Pesticide Regulatory Update – GA Dept of Ag – Jay Smith

Protecting Pollinators

Selecting an Active Ingredient

Spill Control – Mark Hunter

Sprayer Calibration – Paul Holden, FIS Outdoor

Turf Insect Management

Wasp Control – Mark Hunter

Understanding Pesticide Labels – Mark Hunter